Posted on Jan 15, 2019

MEMBERS ONLY: I Stood On Line At A Food Bank For The First Time. Why Should I Feel Humiliated?

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This past Saturday, my wife Deb and I drove out to the Giant supermarket in Groveton, a neighborhood in the southeastern part of my hometown of Alexandria, Virginia. We were not going to go food shopping. We were going to stand on line at a food bank for federal workers who are not being paid during Trump’s stupid shutdown. It was humiliating and it shouldn’t have been. Let’s rewind...

Posted on Mar 08, 2013


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The Daily Banter Headline Grab from Huff Post: Despite constant budget fights in Washington, the U.S. economy managed one of the best months for job gains in the past year in February, driving the unemployment rate to its lowest level in more than four years. But the job market would be even better, and the unemployment rate even lower, had not the government spent most of the recovery cutting...

Posted on Dec 28, 2012

Unhappy New Year: Congress Unlikely to Renew Unemployment Benefits By End of the Year

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The Daily Banter Headline Grab. From Huff Post: The U.S. House of Representatives will convene on Sunday in a last-minute effort to avoid the steep spending cuts and tax cuts scheduled to take effect at the end of the year. But Sunday will already be too late for long-term unemployment insurance, which will almost certainly lapse on Saturday thanks to congressional inaction. According to the National Employment Law Project,...

Posted on Dec 07, 2012

Unemployment Rate Drops Again

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The Daily Banter Headline Grab. From the WaPo: The unemployment rate dipped and job creation remained steady in November, as the U.S. economy shrugged off any major impact from Hurricane Sandy and showed surprising resilience in the run-up to the fiscal cliff. The November jobs report, released Friday morning, was a pleasant surprise to analysts who had braced for some ugly numbers for a period when much of the...