Posted on Apr 22, 2013

Chechen Terrorists and the Neocons

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I almost choked on my coffee listening to neoconservative Rudy Giuliani pompously claim on national TV that he was surprised about any Chechens being responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings because he’s never seen any indication that Chechen extremists harbored animosity toward the U.S.; Guiliani thought they were only focused on Russia....

Posted on Jan 07, 2011

Start Laughing Now: Giuliani Thinking Of Running Again

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Rudy Giuliani, whose 2008 campaign for the presidency was a gigantic joke, is supposedly asking around if he should run again. Genius. I wasn’t paying attention to politics the way I do now, but the 2012 GOP nomination process is ramping up to be a replay of the 1996 process – a lot of elbowing and whatnot on the right, with the prize being an easy loss to a...