Posted on Dec 21, 2018

MEMBERS ONLY: Watching Nature vs. Nurture Play Out In My Kids

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We’ve all probably had the debate at least once in our lives over how much of our personality is driven by our environment and how much is driven by our genetics. “He was born with a fiery temper!” “She was raised to be a well-behaved lady!” Well, let me tell you a story… I have three kids, two sons and a daughter. Jordan is ten, Anastasia is 8, and...

Posted on May 13, 2013

Drunk Man Runs at Elephant, World Goes Nuts

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A cheeky and rather drunk guide from the Singita Game Reserve at Kruger National Park in South Africa thought it would be fun to charge at an elephant roughly 90 times his own size. The elephant got a bit of a fright and ran off, and the man returned to his friends a hero. The video was uploaded onto youtube, and the world reacted with horror at the ‘cruelty’ of...