Posted on Nov 30, 2018

MEMBERS ONLY: Beto Shouldn’t Run In 2020, But Not Because He Can’t Win

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This week, outgoing Congressman Beto O’Rourke said he would not rule out running for president in 2020. Beto (one of the few politicians written about on a first-name basis), who took Texas and the nation by storm with his campaign to replace Senator Ted Cruz, has become one of the major figures in American politics, and many have surmised that he may be the Democrats’ best shot at taking back...

Posted on May 22, 2014

From 9/11 To Common Core To Benghazi: Why Right-Wingers Love A Good Conspiracy Theory

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No single ideology holds a monopoly on wacky beliefs, unless you count ‘crazy’ as an ideology. But when it comes to the subset of wacky beliefs commonly known as anti-government conspiracy theories, it’s no accident that the American right embraces them with much greater frequency and enthusiasm than its left-wing counterpart. For this week’s wackiest anti-government conspiracy theory, we turn to Florida (of course), state Rep. Charles Van Zant, who sternly told...