MEMBERS ONLY: The Jewish Supervillain

If it wasn’t already clear after last month’s antisemitic terrorist attack, it should be crystal clear now: White Nationalists hate Jews. They hate us with a blinding intensity. In fact, the white conservative terrorist that walked into the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and killed 11 Jews loathed us so much he didn’t particularly like the most popular white nationalist in America, Donald Trump. Why? Because, and I kid you not, Trump didn’t appear to hate Jews enough.

Think about that. A man who has made almost every masturbatory fever dream of white nationalists come true over the last two years wasn’t good enough for the Pittsburgh shooter because of all the minority groups Trump has abused the power of the federal government to torment, Jews weren’t on the list. He hated Jews more than he loved all of the pain Trump was inflicting on everyone else he hated.

But why? Why do white nationalists hate Jews so much? There’s the religious angle, of course. Jews killed Christ blablabla. But even white nationalists who aren’t particularly religious or who aren’t religious at all still hate us. There’s tradition. “My father was a Nazi and my father before him was a Nazi!” I suppose they hate Jews simply because they’ve been told to. There’s all of the silly propaganda about how we’re greedy and selfish but plenty of people are both of those things and no one calls for their extermination.

There’s a lot of history and if you really want to dive into it, you can do that herehere, and here. But I promise you that your average knuckledragging Trumpster hasn’t bothered to look that deep into their own hate. It’s much more shallow than that for them. They hate Jews because Jews are the supervillains of their little persecution fairytale.

Have you ever actually listened to white nationalists rant about who is out to get them? If you haven’t, lucky you and may you live a long life without being subjected to such ignorant hatred. As a political writer, I don’t have that luxury so I’ve read their forums and watched their videos; something more of the “respected journalists” like Chris Cillizza, Chuck Todd, and Maggie Haberman should do. Maybe then they’d stop pretending “both sides” are to blame. But I doubt they’d ever lower themselves to reading the filth that is Gab or Stormfront.

Needless to say, white nationalist forums are filled with mind-numbing awfulness but the themes are fairly consistent. Everyone is out to get them. “Them” in this context meaning “White European Men.” Women are kind of an afterthought. The movement is shockingly misogynistic. There’s a reason why it blends so well with the Republican Party.

But at the same time that they’re ranting about how it’s all a giant conspiracy to enact “White Genocide,” they go on and on about how dumb black people are. Latinos aren’t much better and Muslims are savages, etc. etc. Whites are the “superior” race and everyone else is inferior to them. I’m giving you the sanitized version. You’re welcome.

This brings up the “Schrödingers Immigrant” problem:


If you get the physics joke, +100 Nerd points for you.

If all the “inferior races” are, in fact, inferior, how are they preparing to wipe out the glorious white race? Remember, in the mind of a white nationalist, the white race is the pinnacle of humanity. All the greatest intellects, the most powerful warriors, the captains of industry, all of history’s prime movers are white men. Yes, you and I know that is the most ignorant reading of history imaginable but they “know” the “real” history of mankind. To them, the white man is the greatest thing since sliced bread which was probably invented by a white man.

And yet, the persecution complex is absolutely key to their worldview. Look at white Republican voters right now. They control both chambers of Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. They also control most of the state legislatures, and entire swaths of the country are incredibly white and incredibly conservative with nary a brown face to be found. Still, white Republican voters live in a perpetual state of terror and misery.

Everyone is still out to get them. Enemies are everywhere. Why, they could be living right next door to you and you’d never know until they jump out in full terrorist garb in broad daylight and speed off to commit terrorist acts or something. No, seriously, that was a campaign ad in 2017:

But again, if all these allegedly “inferior” races are so worthless and lesser, why are white people supposed to be so afraid of them all the time?

Because they’re being controlled by the Jews. The Jews are the masterminds behind everything. We’re the supervillains in the fantasy of white nationalism’s persecution complex. We’re the Lex Luthor to the Übermensch they laughably believe themselves to be.

We control everything. The press. Hollywood. The banks. All of it. George Soros alone controls half the planet to listen to white nationalists foaming at the mouth. They call us “globalists” because our conspiracy spans the entire planet. Oh, they’ll say something about how we want to open the borders and build a global community but everyone knows they’re talking about the same International Jewish Conspiracy™ they’ve been yapping about since the fake “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was first published back in 1901 purporting to show how the Jews were plotting to take over the world.

wish I was part of this conspiracy! It probably pays a lot better than writing and editing.

Regardless, this is how people in the middle of Nebraska or Kansas who have possibly never met a Jew in their entire lives have decided we are their mortal enemies. We are, after all, the source of all of their woes. Immigration? We’re behind it. Inner city crime? That’s us. Opioid epidemic? Gotta be a Jew plot to kill white people. Economic troubles? Jew bankers. Abortions? A Jew conspiracy to kill white babies.

You’ll hear white nationalists say a lot of things about Jews. Lazy and dumb aren’t among them. The Germans called us criminals before they started killing us but that was when we were Public Enemy #1. That’s not feasible right now considering how many wealthy Jews like Sheldon Adelson pour hundreds of millions of dollars into GOP campaigns to bolster US support for Israel’s burgeoning apartheid state. Give it time, though. Should Republicans succeed in seizing power and ending democracy in America, Adelson will find that he has to flee the country or he’ll be on a cattle car right next to me and my kids.

But if (when) Republicans fail in their attempted coup, the violence will only continue to escalate against us. For the time being, the white nationalist movement has gotten a taste of power and the blessings of the (illegitimate) President of the United States. In winning, they would have taken it as a sign they could move against their “enemies” unimpeded. In losing, their rage will know no bounds.

They’re already lacking morality or basic human decency. Motivated by an irrational hatred of Jews, the Tree of Life massacre will be just the first of many acts of terrorism committed by antisemitic white nationalists. We won’t be the only victims, of course, but the longer this goes on, the more comfortable white Republican voters will be in spewing anti-Jew hate.

Already, Republican candidates have been increasingly resorting to antisemitic imagery in their ads, something that would have been unthinkable just 4 years ago. They won’t stop and neither will Trump. They will continue to whip their base into a frenzy of antisemitic hate because hate works for them. And if a few hundred Jews are killed in terror attacks? Oh well, they’re not the GOP’s base so they don’t really count, do they?

It’s been a very long time since Jews in America had to really worry about being hunted. So long, in fact, many of us never even knew it used to be a regular occurrence here. But here we are yet again, in the crosshairs of soulless monsters wanting to kill us simply for existing. When this is all over, people, especially the press, are going to want to pretend it was an aberration and that it never happened.

Fuck that.

We need to remind people every day that the Republican Party became the party of violent antisemitism in less than two years. They weren’t “taken over” by white nationalism, they simply gave into who they’ve been for over half a century.

They hate us. They’ve always hated us. Their “love” of Isreal is as fake as their love for democracy and the rule of law. Jews voting for Republicans are voting for people who are literally hoping to exterminate every Jew on the planet. Sheldon Adelson’s money protects him. For now. The rest of us won’t be as fortunate when the next white nationalist terrorist decides “he’s going in” and opens fire at a synagogue because “The Jews” are responsible for all the evil in the world.

This is our new reality in America. We can either accept it or continue to bury our loved ones in ever greater numbers.