MEMBERS ONLY: The Case for Open War Against the Republican Party

The Republican Party has got to go. Period. Anyone still interested in little things like freedom or justice or even being allowed the luxury of ignoring politics have to vote Republicans out of office at every level of government. Nothing else matters now except removing them from power and banishing them from the public square.

If you’re wondering just how dangerous the GOP has become, consider the words of Tom Nichols, a Republican trying, in his own words, to fumigate his party:

Republicans have abandoned all attempts to win the hearts and minds of the electorate. They will no longer appeal to anyone but angry white men and the women in their thrall. They see the judiciary as their only means to hold on to power because their policies are so toxic, they can only sucker white Republican voters as long as the economy Obama built remains strong. As soon as they crash it (again) with their tax cuts for billionaires (again) and deregulation for Wall Street (again), even fulfilling their base’s masturbatory fantasy of putting brown children in cages won’t be enough to keep them in office.

The only option left is to have courts stacked with partisan extremists overturn any effort to stop their legislative agenda and to, hopefully, uphold as much of their voter suppression efforts as possible and they are pursuing this option with fanatical intensity. In other words, the Republican Party has torn out its own eyes so it cannot see anything but the imaginary goal of total control of the United States by judicial fiat. But by blinding themselves to the damage they’re inflicting on the very nation they seek to rule over like kings, Republicans have become an immediate threat to its continued existence. And so they must be eliminated as an electoral and social force.

This is not a call for the “Second Amendment remedies” the right is so fond of. That only comes if the GOP wins and they continue to follow white nationalism to its logical, genocidal conclusion. And considering that their base is now fully engaged with the idea of making America white again and using fascism to make it happen, there’s little reason to suspect they won’t. Republicans have proven themselves manifestly incapable of bucking their base’s worst instincts. But before they start purging America of Those People, we still have the opportunity to use our overwhelming numbers to smash them at the ballot box and ensure that they are removed from power forever. And for that, we have to become fanatically anti-Republican.

This even applies to those on the right who are not thrilled at the chance to be an open white nationalist. Contrary to our (admittedly reasonable) caricatures of the right, not every conservative is champing at the bit to make America white again. Part of the reason Trump has an 80-90% approval rate among Republicans is that a good number of people have left the Republican Party in disgust, leaving only the worst elements behind. This isn’t even really about Trump; he simply accelerated the trend of the GOP turning into a white power party and he made it impossible to pretend it wasn’t happening. That’s why so many people abandoned the party. Those who walked away (for real, unlike the fictional #Walkaway campaign for the Democrats) didn’t magically become liberals; they simply couldn’t stay in a political party that chose to embrace fascism and white nationalism.

To those people and to anyone else who cares about the future of this country: It’s time to vote blue until the Republican Party is dead and something new and honest takes its place. If you can’t see your way fit to do this, it doesn’t matter what your excuse is, you are aiding the fascism and white nationalism of the GOP.

This is especially true for the people who still, even at this late date, pretend that “both sides are the same.” And I’m being very deliberate in my choice of words here because even the most inattentive voter is lying at this point when they claim “both sides.” Yes, the press throws out both sides nonsense at every available opportunity but I don’t care how jaded you are; one side has a growing number of white nationalists running for office and the leader of their party had to be forced to criticize Nazis. End of line. Full stop. There is no “both sides” argument after that. You can mouth the words but you can also say bacon tastes like liver. That doesn’t mean it’s true or that you should be treated as a serious person.

I’m not asking people to become hardcore liberals or even Democrats for life. It’s important to remember that conservatism is not synonymous with racism, bigotry, and sexism. There is a place in our political debate for slowing down the breakneck speed of progress without resorting to hate and greed. And someday, we will have a sane balance between left and right politics again. We will have a party that represents conservative values that does not seek to turn America into a fascist ethnostate.

But this is not that time and the Republican Party is not that party. The GOP is not a conservative party in any sense of the word. They represent the interests of the 1% and are using white nationalism and religious extremism to enact the will of their oligarch masters. For the good of the country and the future of our children (and ourselves, for that matter), the most important thing is to destroy the Republican Party, root and branch.

All of our other goals are still important. Identity politics do not need to go sit in the back of the bus. Income inequality does not need to be ignored. Whatever honest conservatives believe in these days does not need to be lumped in with Republican fascism. But the most important thing has to be annihilating the GOP by voting them out of office and shunning them in public.

Think of it this way: When you have aggressive cancer, you go on with your life. You still work, eat, sleep, shower, watch TV, play with your kids, etc. But the main focus of your life is getting rid of your cancer. It dominates your thoughts. It’s the driving goal of your life because you know that if you don’t, nothing else will matter because you will be dead. If someone asks you where you see yourself 5 years from now, no matter what other answers you might give, the foundational and unspoken response is “Cancer free.”

Unless our foundational and unspoken response to every political question is “End the Republican Party”, nothing else will matter because they will murder this country. They will do it in broad daylight while praising Jesus and the flag at the top of their lungs. And then it will be too late. All the other things we thought were so much more important will mean nothing because those things can only be changed by a system of government that obeys the will of the people. That’s not how fascist ethno-police states roll and all the marches and protests in the world won’t change it back.

Whether you want to believe it or not, we are in a civil war right now against the Republican Party and there is no guarantee of victory unless smashing them becomes our highest priority. Win the war, and everything else can be negotiated later. Lose it, and arch declarations about whose cause is the most important won’t mean a goddamn thing.

Time to pick a side. You are either dedicated to removing a fascist white nationalist threat from the nation or you are helping them end America. Both sides are not the same. Silence is consent. Neutrality is siding with the oppressor. There are no third options.

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