The Saddest Chart In The World: American School Children Afraid Of Getting Shot In Class

Axios put together this horrifying chart from data gathered in a Pew Research Center poll about children in America’s fear about getting shot in school: 

Axios summarized the findings as follows: 

  • Overall, 57% of teenagers are worried about a shooting at their school.
  • But African-American and Hispanic teenagers are more worried than white teenagers — with more than two thirds of Hispanic teenagers expressing fears.
  • Girls are more worried than boys.
  • 63% of all parents are concerned.
  • But low-income parents are the most worried — 82% of parents with incomes under $30,000, compared to 53% of parents with incomes over $75,000.

Coming from Britain, this is utterly unthinkable. I would like Americans to know that it doesn’t have to be like this. Children do not need to be terrified of going to school — it is just not necessary.

There is one solution to solve the epidemic of gun deaths in America and the horrors of school massacres, and that is to vote out every politician who takes money from the NRA and replace them with responsible adults who will pass meaningful gun control. In a country where there are more weapons than people and serious problems with mental health services, this is the fastest way to not only prevent more deaths, but stop children fearing for their lives every time they step foot in school. 

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