A Message To All Sane Trump Staff: Get Out Now Before It Is Too Late

While you may not agree with Nikki Haley’s politics, she is at least one of the only sane people in the Trump administration. This week, Haley is beginning to understand what it really means to work for Donald Trump: professional suicide. 

After Haley was publicly embarrassed by Trump’s decision to revoke the sanctions she had promised would be put on Russia for its role in Syria’s use of chemical weapons, the UN Ambassador shot back at the White House. Reported the NYTimes

The rift erupted into open conflict on Tuesday when a White House official blamed Ms. Haley’s statement about sanctions on “momentary confusion.” That prompted her to fire back, saying that she did not “get confused.” The public disagreement embarrassed Ms. Haley and reinforced questions about Mr. Trump’s foreign policy — and who speaks for his administration.

At the very least, the episode highlighted the crossed circuits over foreign policy in an administration with no secretary of state, an increasingly marginalized White House chief of staff and a national security adviser who has only been on the job for a week and has pushed out many of the senior national security officials in the White House but has yet to bring in his own team.

If Haley has any sense, she will resign from her position in the coming weeks to salvage what might be left of her career after this horror show is over. And the same goes for any other sane members of the Trump White House still trying to salvage something from the wreckage of his presidency. 

Just think about this for a moment — it was revealed this week that the Trump administration accidentally expelled 60 Russian diplomats instead of the president’s option to expel 3 or 4. When have you ever heard anything like this happening? The administration is so incompetent and dysfunctional that it cannot make basic decisions or enact coherent policies. Every administration makes mistakes, but no one in the Trump White House appears to know what is happening from one moment to the next making the potential for catastrophe dangerously probable. Figuring out what Trump’s policies are is now completely impossible given he changes his mind on an hourly basis and gets most of his policy advice from Fox and Friends. It is creating an uncontrollable chaos, and anyone involved in this extraordinary orgy of madness won’t ever work again. This isn’t hyperbole, but fact as those who have already left the White House will attest to. Reported Buzzfeed last month: 

Many mid- and low-level staffers are anxious to leave and are actively looking for jobs elsewhere, sources close to the White House say. Those staffers saw the surprising resignation of Trump loyalist and communications director Hope Hicks on Wednesday as a sort of tipping point.

A former White House official said he’s spoken with more aides inside the White House who are trying to leave the administration, but not necessarily getting the kinds of high-paying offers in the corporate world as former aides usually do.

“Things are still pretty bleak inside the White House,” the source said. “I’ve talked to several people in the last week trying to find a way out, but they can’t get out because no one is really hiring people with Trump White House experience. Not a fun time to say the least.”

It is likely that some members of Trump’s staff believe they are sticking around to prevent a total collapse of the American government, but in reality they are facilitating it. When enough people jump ship and Trump can’t get anyone to replace them (which is happening presently), he will have no option other than to resign. The White House is already imploding, so those staying are merely prolonging the inevitable. Leaving would show they at least take themselves seriously enough not to be complicit in the destruction of American democracy. They have the opportunity to help save their country, and maybe even find work after the mad king destroys himself. 

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