MEMBERS ONLY: America’s Future Domestic Terrorists Are Stockpiling Guns At An Alarming Rate

by Justin Rosario

This is not going to be a popular message but it’s a necessary one: The election of Donald Trump has only delayed the inevitable rise of widespread domestic terrorism in America. These terrorists will not be self-radicalized Muslims or Black Lives Matter activists or man-hating Fifth Wave Feminists. These terrorists in our not-too-distant future will be white conservative men and they will kill thousands of us before we even admit there’s a problem.

The evidence for this is everywhere you look.

Since 9/11, the number of people killed by terrorists on American soil has been overwhelmingly at the hands of white conservative men. Before 9/11, the same was also true. In fact, whenever there was terrorism in America history, it was almost always at the hands of a white conservative male. The KKK alone was one of the largest terrorist organizations to ever exist, at one point boasting a membership in the millions. By way of comparison, at its height, ISIS had less than 40,000 fighters.

Terrorism at the hands of white conservative men is so commonplace in American history, we even have a subcategory of it: Lynching. That’s when a bunch of white men get together to “legally” murder someone they consider “not white” for committing any number of “crimes” like touching a white womandemanding to be treated with respect, or having a town that’s too black and too successful. It’s important to keep in mind the “not white” designation when looking at the history of lynching because a number of Italian and Irish immigrants were lynched back before they were considered “white” by the good conservative white men that make such determinations.

There’s a smattering of left wing terrorism like The Weather Underground, ecological terrorism, and the like but taken as a whole, something we’re not supposed to do because it really pisses conservatives off, there is no way around the fact that terrorism in America is overwhelmingly carried out by white conservative men. And these are the same men that are building a terrifying arsenal of weapons because they’re terrified of black men:

After studying a representative cross section of gun owners, researchers found that the people who have an emotional attachment to their guns were 78 percent white and 65 percent male. It must be noted that the sample size was small because—despite widespread American gun ownership—just 3 percent of the population owns half the guns in the country.

Racial anxiety was a big reason for the uptick in gun ownership, according to Angela Stroud, a Northland College sociologist. Stroud went through concealed-weapon applications in Texas and interviewed applicants. She found that many of them wanted to protect their loved ones during the impending race war.

The idea of a race war is ludicrous on its face except that that’s exactly where we’re heading. Sort of. It won’t be an actual race war where those of brown skin rise up and try to snuff out the noble white race at the behest of the evil Jews. That’s the delusional fantasy of white nationalists. The “White Genocide” that the angriest part of Trump’s base constantly rants about doesn’t exist.

But sometime in the next few decades (perhaps even sooner), the political power of the right wing is going to utterly collapse. Rapidly shifting racial demographics, the Baby Boomers dying off, the undoing of gerrymandering and voter suppression, and the surge of political activism among Millennials combined with the Republican Party’s almost total embrace of white nationalism will result in either a splintering of the GOP or a necessary wholesale rejection of white supremacy as the only means of remaining electorally relevant. Staying the course and pitting neo-Nazi candidates against any kind of Democratic candidate ranging from centrist to far left is a losing strategy.

Once that happens (and it will) white conservative men will, to put it mildly, lose their fucking minds. We’ve already had a preview of this when Obama was elected. A black man becoming president of a still predominantly white country was enough to send white conservative men (and women) into hysterics for 8 straight years culminating in the election of the most singularly unfit imbecile to ever run for office simply because he promised white conservative men that they could be racist assholes without consequence (not that this is working out for them as they’d hoped). How do you think they’ll react when they permanently lose their ability to impose their racism on Those People?

If you don’t think they’re going to seek solace in their stockpile of guns, you haven’t been paying attention. These are the same people that started screeching about “Second Amendment remedies” when an election didn’t go their way. When they start losing every election or their party drowns out their hate and embraces Those People, they will see themselves as victims even more than they do now. And considering the size of the cross they nail themselves to every day, that’s saying something. Their only other recourse will be to let go of their hate and rage and that’s not happening; they’re far too addicted to it to give it up. Decades of programming by Fox News, AM Hate Radio and right wing hate sites has made that hate and rage the center of their existence. They might as well try giving up food and water at this point.

Instead, we’re going to see heavily armed white conservative men begin to kill their fellow Americans in the name of “taking their country back.” They’ll consider themselves “patriots” striking back at an an “illegitimate” government. They’ll have convoluted stories about how George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and the Globalists (read as: “Jews”) have been stealing elections. They’ll “know” that millions of illegal immigrants are voting and that the the votes of “real” Americans (read as: “white conservative men”) are being thrown in the garbage. Why, it won’t be long until the Black Panthers start rounding up the white women for insemination with brown babies!

Sure, it all sounds insane but white conservative men will believe anything to justify their violence. The more violence there is, the more insane the lies will have to be to give it a veneer of patriotic morality. Everyone is the hero of their own story and no one is more heroic in their own mind than a domestic terrorist slaughtering his neighbors.

It took Timothy McVeigh blowing up a building and killing 168 people, including 15 children, for America to pay attention to right wing terrorism and that only lasted for a few years before we went back to pretending only Muslims were terrorists. Since then, the right has built an entire media machine dedicated to stopping the public from talking about the rise of right wing domestic terrorism. By the time we start taking it seriously again, the body count will be far beyond 9/11.

And that’s if we’re smart enough to stop ignoring the threat before they get really organized. If not, we’ll long for the days where 3000 dead was the worst tragedy America had ever experienced.