Laura Ingraham’s Sociopathic Trolling Of David Hogg Is The New American Normal

Regardless of Parkland massacre survivor David Hogg’s political views, he is an 17 year old victim of a horrific event that no human being should ever have to go through. Yet a mainstream conservative media host saw fit to troll him on Twitter, mocking him for not getting into the college of his choice. 

Here was Laura Ingraham on Twitter yesterday linking to a snarky article on right wing spam site The Daily Wire

The article is as of today, the top trending article on the site. 

This is what passes for debate in America today — one side wants gun control to stop school children from being shot to pieces in school, while the other thinks nothing of bullying a teenage victim of a traumatic massacre to score political points. It takes a special kind of sociopath to publicly engage in this type of behavior, but then that is why Fox News hired Laura Ingraham in the first place. The blond haired archetype of a thoroughbred white American woman is as vicious a human being as you can get — a nasty, racist xenophobe who makes a living spreading fear about the most vulnerable citizens in America. Ingraham has a history of publicly bullying children, so this should come as no surprise, but it appears that the firebrand conservative really does have no human empathy. 

Hogg might be a self entitled brat. He may be whining about not getting into the college of his dreams. He might have an inflated sense of himself due to the extraordinary media attention he has gotten in the wake of the shooting that happened at his school — however, he is 17 goddamn years old. Hogg likely isn’t any of the above — he comes across as an articulate, thoughtful, and deeply empathetic young man who has become wise beyond his years. But again, he is a child and no responsible adult should be trolling him on social media. Any respectable media outlet would have fired Ingraham for this type of disgusting behavior, but this is Fox News’s business model. It sells hate to white Americans who love nothing more that provoking liberals/minorities/gays or whoever is least able to defend themselves. 

It’s hard to know how to transcend this appalling nastiness, but it is clear that this is what constitutes debate in modern day America and it must be dealt with. You cannot ignore what is happening on the right as it descends further into fascistic nationalism — you must fight it wherever it appears. But we must not ever sink to their level. No matter how vile conservatives like Ingraham get, their behavior is a lesson in what not to do. There are of course many insults that could be hurled at the Fox News host (and there are many on her Twitter feed), but if America is to bring itself back from the ugliness of Trumpism, someone has to remind the country of its decency. The Parkland kids are doing their bit, and so can we. 

Oh, and David Hogg is already on the case: 

UPDATE: Laura Ingraham has now apologized to Hogg, but he isn’t having any of it

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