Frightening Statistic On NRA Donations Means Liberals Must Gear Up For The Fight Of Their Lives

While the huge gun control marches that occurred across the nation in the wake of the Parkland shooting in Florida were inspiring for those who want change in America, a recently released statistic on NRA donations is particularly horrifying. Reported the NYPost (bold emphasis ours): 

Contributions to the National Rifle Association’s political action committee tripled in February amid public attacks against the organization following the Feb. 14 high school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

Supporters of the Second Amendment donated about $779,000 in February to the NRA’s political arm, the Political Victory Fund, according to recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) data.

The figure marked a more than threefold increase compared to January, when the PAC received nearly $250,000 in donations, and was the fund’s second-best month over the last year.

It is truly terrifying to realize that mass shootings in America consistently result in increased donations to the NRA, and increased spending by pro gun groups. . On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza took an AR-15-rifle and walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and blew 20 children under the age of six to pieces. In response to this, pro-gun groups drastically increased their lobbying spending (more than double) in the following months to $15,292,052 compared to gun control groups that spent $2,217,765 in 2013.  

The pattern of behavior amongst NRA supporters isn’t changing, but there is a notable difference with gun control advocates as witnessed by the huge protests that swept the nation this month. In fact, a recent Quinnipac survey shows an unprecedented number of Americans now want stricter gun control — the highest recorded in the history of the poll. However, while this means the money of the NRA has to work that much harder to stop sensible gun control legislation, as long as politicians keep getting checks from the organization, it won’t make any difference. The only way to ensure Congress enacts sensible gun control is to vote out every single member who takes money from the NRA — a daunting task that is going to take many years to achieve. 

There will be more gun massacres in the future — of that, we can be sure. But if the public continues to organize, march, and vote against the fanatics who refuse to stop children from being murdered in their classrooms, victory and a saner future is well within reach. It is not going to be easy though, and the NRA is going to make sure of it. 

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