Fox News Is In Crisis Mode After Laura Ingraham’s Attack on David Hogg

Every now and then, we get an email from the PR people of disgusting right wing media figures asking us to take something down or alter a piece that threatens to take away the ad revenue of their client. We’ve had emails from Milo Yiannopolous’s people, Charles C. Johnson’s lawyer, and several other bottom feeders who make a living peddling hate. The emails are usually friendly, crafted to “humanize” the vicious bigot they are working for and elicit some sympathy for them. 

Today, the PR people from Fox News got in touch after we posted about Laura Ingraham’s unconscionable attack on Parkland massacre survivor David Hogg asking us to provide an update with Ingraham’s Twitter apology. Here’s the email (her full name has been blurred along with her email):

Given the astonishing amount of hatred and misinformation spewed by Fox News hosts on a daily basis, why might the PR people at Fox be reaching out to outlets like The Daily Banter? A quick look at David Hogg’s twitter feed over the past 24 hours should provide the answer: 

It took Ingraham until 1pm today to tweet this uncharacteristically polite apology, no doubt in response to a slew of advertisers pulling the plug on her show: 

It is interesting to note that had it not been holy week, then Ingraham’s Christian virtues would have been put to one side and attacks on Hogg and other survivors of the Parkland massacre continued. Regardless, Hogg is not relenting, and has continued urging advertisers to stop marketing their products on her hateful show:

The issue is obviously incredibly serious over at Fox News, but rather than fire Ingraham for a truly unforgivable act against the 17 year old victim of an unspeakable horror, they have opted to go on a PR offensive and change public perception. No one should hold out any hope that Fox will give Ingraham the boot — it has a long and storied history of protecting sex offenders and racists — so it is now down to the public to see that she faces justice. Call this a witch hunt, call it an attack on free speech, or call it whatever you want, Ingraham needs to go, and soon. She is free to set up her own Youtube channel or blog and promote whatever hate she wants to, but advertisers on a major American news network should be aware of what their products are being associated with. Ingraham crossed a line, and she must be made to pay for it. 

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