MEMBERS ONLY: Trump’s Secret Call With Putin And His Descent Into Madness

by Bob Cesca

Apparently Donald Trump thinks he’s finally potty-trained enough to earn himself a pair of big boy pants. Reports from inside the White House this week suggest that Trump feels as though he’s learned enough about being president to call his own shots without the aid of his advisers. Consequently, we can expect the madness to escalate, and the pounds-per-square-inch of pressure continue to rise.

Frankly, I so badly wish we were out of existential danger so I could really savor this. I wish I could sit back and enjoy the spectacle — and now that I’m living in the DC metroplex again I have front-row seats for Trump’s slow descent into historical ignominy. But knowing that he’s so profoundly untethered from semi-passable advice, he’s more dangerous than ever, apparently believing that anything goes as long as the seed of his cockamamie ideas emerge from Fox News Channel where they’re fed like cat-nip to our Mad King.

Admittedly, I’ve known this was coming for a while now. Trump, like most regular viewers of Fox News, has been badly brainwashed into possessing unwavering certainty that anything emerging from the network has to be true, and everything else is “fake news.” It was only a matter of time before he began to govern as the Fox News President. But now, with Trump Organization records having been subpoenaed by the Office of the Special Counsel, and with bombshell revelations emerging from various porn stars, not to mention the UK surrounding both the Cambridge Analytica news and Vladimir Putin’s obvious assassinations of dissidents, we can expect the decibel level of Trump’s Fox News-fueled psychosis to grow louder and louder as the DC snow gives way to Spring.

Here are a few things we can expect: 1) More authoritarianism, 2) More private-turned-public displays of affection to Putin, as well as despots like Rodrigo Duterte, and 3) More potentially fatal blunders in dealing with Robert Mueller. Actually, there will surely be more blunders all around because that’s what Trump does. He fucks himself raw. He thinks he’s being a strong and decisive leader, but he’s really just digging his political grave deeper and deeper.

Nevertheless, we can expect more ass-kissing of Putin along the lines of his congratulatory phone call following the “sham election” (John McCain’s words) this week in which Putin basically ran unopposed after having arrested or physically intimidated the rest of the ballot.

The fact that an American president congratulated Putin on another political victory isn’t anything new. Barack Obama congratulated Putin in 2012, but consider the context. Obama’s call took place long before the 2014 Sochi Olympics, before the invasion of Ukraine, before the annexation of Crimea, before Putin granted asylum to Edward Snowden, before Putin assassinated more dissidents and political opponents, and long before Putin launched the most pernicious series of cyberattacks on western democracies in the history of the world. Trump, however, defied the screaming all-caps warning from his national security team — “DO NOT CONGRATULATE,” they wrote in his briefing papers — personally phoning Putin this week anyway, while also refusing to mention a goddamn thing about any of the above, including the 13 sanctioned troll farmers or the near-assassination of Sergei Skripal on UK soil.

Trump wants his disciples to believe he did it because he’s schmoozing.

It’s important to mention this again: You’re not insane. The president, however, wants you to think you are.

Okay, sure. Trump tweeted an explanation for the call the next day. It shouldn’t matter, though. If this was all about diplomacy, why hasn’t the White House published any read-outs of these calls with his former KGB puppeteer? If this was about improving relations, you’d think Trump would want to brag about it — like always. Instead, we always end up getting the word from Russian state news, much to the chagrin of the White House. Secrecy is one thing if it’s across-the-board, but the White House only hides Trump’s contacts with Putin. I assure you, it’s 100 percent because Trump’s guilty of everything. Full stop.

You’re not insane.

In other words, he’s absolutely lying here. If he was so interested in getting along with foreign leaders, why has he deliberately antagonized the prime ministers of Canada, Germany and Australia. He’s also pissed off the leaders of Mexico and France, as well as every African, Central American and South American “shithole nation.” That’d be a total of three whole continents in that list, by the way.

Yet Putin gets multiple salad-tossings from this monstrous ghoul in the White House, and we can expect a lot more where this came from. As Trump feels more emboldened by the office, and as Trump grows increasingly maniacal due to pressure from Mueller’s team of untouchables, there’s no telling what he might do.

But one thing’s for sure: it wouldn’t be all that shocking to learn that Trump has blabbed national security secrets to Putin. In fact, he’s done it before — spilling the beans about an operative in Israel to Russia’s foreign minister and Russia’s former U.S. ambassador, and he did it inside the Oval Office. And that was before we even had a special counsel. Imagine the secrets he’ll give away now.

If he hasn’t already, Trump is on track to give away the entire store to Putin. We have no reason to believe he won’t.