John Oliver Mercilessly Ridicules NRA TV

John Oliver was on rare form on his show “Last Week Tonight” eviscerating the NRA and it’s hilarious bad TV channel NRATV. 

“The NRA is a group that feels about guns the way the rest of us feel about Nutella,” said Oliver. “A little is good, more is better, and you can tell me it’s bad for me all you like, but you will pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

Lampooning the channel that is being subjected to intense public scrutiny in the wake of the Parkland shooting in Florida that left 17 school children dead, Oliver called it “Fox News on a much lower budget.” As he took his audience through several terrifying clips featuring the NRA’s “star talent” like Dana Loesch, who appear to revel in scaring the crap out of gun owners by convincing them liberals are demonic entities hellbent on destroying freedom and the Christian God, Oliver had this to say about the repellent channel: 

“The final defining characteristic of the network is painting a bleak vision of America, with threats around every single corner and one solution,” said Oliver. “The are using the same techniques as an infomercial there: Is human traffic getting you down? Do you have ISIS sympathizers in those hard-to-reach places? Are you tired of getting 9/11-ed? There’s got to be a better way! Try the AR-15, available at way too many stores near you.” 

Watch the whole segment below. It’s worth every second: