Don’t Be Fooled, Trump And The GOP Won’t Do A Goddamn Thing About Gun Control In America

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting in Florida, Trump and the Republicans have scrambled to find the right tone. Sensing a changing public sentiment in regards to gun control, they have done their best to appear “open to ideas” on how best to deal with the murderous problem no other country on the planet contends with. But beware of the rhetoric, because it doesn’t mean a damn thing in the era of Donald Trump.

Along with his idiotic idea to arm teachers to the teeth to stop mass shootings in their classrooms, Trump is reportedly open to the idea of strengthening background checks on gun owners and is set to announce proposals at the end of the week. Reported Bloomberg

Almost everyone agrees on a narrow policy solution: strengthening background checks for gun buyers. But that’s quickly getting burdened with demands by pro-gun lawmakers for controversial conditions that would imperil passage, including requiring states that don’t allow concealed weapons to recognize permits issued in states that do. Recognizing permits across state lines is a top legislative priorities of the National Rifle Association, the biggest U.S. lobby for gun owners and manufacturers and is vehemently opposed by many Democrats.

“Him weighing in probably matters quite a bit with members in terms of what he’d like to see done,” said Senator John Thune of South Dakota, the No. 3 Republican leader. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia said Trump will be “driving the train if he wants something to happen.”

Let’s be perfectly clear about this: Trump isn’t going to be driving anything. He will do absolutely nothing about restricting teenagers access to military grade weapons or changing the status quo in America. Why? Because his base won’t let him and the GOP is too cowardly to defy them too. 

The fact is, even gun owners in America want stricter gun control, universal background checks and age restrictions on certain weapons. But the NRA has waged a terrifying war that has divided the country into God fearing Christians, and liberal heathens trying to take their guns away. And if you had any doubt about this, just watch this apocalyptic ad released by the organization starring conservative television host Dana Loesch: 

No gun owner one wants to be called a liberal in America, and if liberals want gun control, then by default, gun control must be bad. Should Trump entertain the notion of siding with liberals, he risks alienating his rabid base who find the prospect gun control less preferable than terminal cancer. We have seen Trump make overtures to liberal ideas over and over again, only for him to change his mind or pretend he didn’t when faced with actually following through on it. Trump made overtures to the Democrats to work on healthcare, then turned around and did everything in his power to destroy Obamacare. He did an about turn on DREAMers after pledging to do a deal with the Democrats. He has categorically broken almost every promise he has made, so when he told the parents of dead children at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that “We’re fighting hard for you, and we will not stop,” he should not be believed under any circumstance. 

Most likely, Trump will float proposals that won’t do much to limit the chances of another mass shooting, and then won’t follow up on them either. He is being investigated by Robert Mueller, is facing constant leaks and staffing problems in his administration, and remains the worst rated presidents in modern history. The only thing keeping Trump afloat is his rabid base and a Republican Congress that has to support him because they are, incredibly, less popular than he is

Gun laws in America won’t change under this administration and they won’t change as long as Republicans are in government. The NRA owns the Republican Party, and they own Donald Trump’s base. So the only way to change the law is to vote against Republicans at all levels of government. As the student led anti-gun movement grows and those in bed with the terrorist organization are exposed, the path towards a massacre free America can finally be realized.