Bantercast Episode 28: Charles Eisenstein And The Origin Of Wrongness In The World

In this thought provoking episode of The Bantercast, Ben and Michael talk with famed author and speaker Charles Eisenstein about the growing identity crisis we are facing in the West. What is the origin of wrongness in the world? How can we live more meaningful lives, and what can we do to fulfill our potential? Charles isn’t afraid to get into the deepest questions facing our species, and our interview highlighted many of his ideas and solutions to these problems.

Charles has been a featured guest on Oprah and has done multiple TED talks.

He has written , The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible, a book that offers a “highly distilled exposition of our society’s transition in its deep stories.”

Sacred Economics explores the transition as it “applies to the world of money, economy, and gift”.

The Ascent of Humanity is about multiple earth crises that is “giving birth to a new age.”

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