The Washington Post Flat Out Lies About Republican “Fiscal Responsibility”

Someone must have slipped something into the water at the Washington Post to erase their collective memory. It’s the only possible explanation for this idiocy:

Republican lawmakers in 2011 brought the U.S. government to the brink of default, refused to raise the debt ceiling, demanded huge spending cuts, and insisted on a constitutional amendment to balance the budget.

On Wednesday, they formally broke free from those fiscal principles and announced a plan that would add $500 billion in new spending over two years and suspend the debt ceiling until 2019.

Reporters still using “fiscal principles” when talking about Republicans are either lying, stupid, or very bad at their jobs. Possibly all three. Even a passing familiarity with the last 40 years of Republican governing puts the lie to any possible claim of “fiscal principles.”

After the massive debt and deficit increases of the Reagan and Bush 41 years, Republicans “suddenly” couldn’t stand the thought of spending a single penny on anything. Deficits were the Devil himself and they shut down the government in the 90s to try and force Clinton to gut Medicare (ostensibly to reduce government spending). But then, like magic, they “formally broke free from those fiscal principles” when they took control of Washington in 2000. Republicans pushed through not one, but two massive tax cuts mostly for the rich and increased spending like a drunken sailor (but not to make life better for the average American), driving the deficit well over a trillion dollars.

When Obama and the Democrats took control back in 2008, stop me if you’ve heard this before, Republicans “suddenly” couldn’t stand the thought of spending a single penny on anything. Deficits were the Devil himself etc., etc., etc….

So here we are, yet again, with Republicans slashing taxes mostly for the rich and Damian Paletta and Erica Werner, the two WaPo reporters that wrote this stunningly ignorant article, are shocked, shocked, I tell you!, that Republicans don’t actually have any “fiscal principles”. Are they fucking serious with this shit? It’s not like they’re Millennials fresh out of college that might have missed the Bush years; both of them are professional reporters that have been at this far longer than I’ve been a loudmouth blogger. Their tunnel vision is inexcusable.

But wait! They know why Republicans are abandoning their “fiscal principles”! It’s all Donald Trump’s fault! And yours!

The debt binge caps off a major reversal for the Republican Party, which has been swept up by President Trump’s demands for more spending and tax cuts at a time when the public seems to care less about debt than it has in years.

Let’s see…what changed that the public stopped caring about the debt? Possibly the Republican Party, Fox News, AM Hate Radio and right wing hate sites stopped screaming about it 24/7? And why did they stop doing that? Possibly because there’s a Republican in the White House now? It just could be…

But, really, it’s all Trump:

Trump has shown little interest in deficit reduction, having referred to himself as the “king of debt” during the 2016 campaign.

Trump promised to try to tackle the deficit once in office, but he has rejected efforts by advisers to pursue changes to Medicare and Social Security that would cut spending. Medicare and Social Security account for $1.6 trillion of the $4.1 trillion in spending this year.  

Just as an aside, did you notice the article accepts as a given the GOP’s position that we have to cut Medicare and SS? Social Security keeps a majority of seniors out of poverty. Medicare is the most efficient and cost effective medical program we have. Cutting either one would increase our financial burden.

But, seriously, Republicans are just going along with Trump:

The biggest budget hawks used to be in the House, but many have softened their demands since Trump took office and supported the tax bill late last year even though it will add to the debt.

This article is exactly the kind of fiction that allows Republicans to lie, cheat, and steal without consequence. It wasn’t their fault, Bush wasn’t a “real” Republican. They’re not really racist, it’s “economic anxiety”. Republicans haven’t become extremists, both parties are guilty.

And when President Warren takes the oath of office in January of 2020 with Democratic majorities in both the Senate and House with a crumbling economy and another $1.4 trillion dollar deficit left over from the GOP, Republicans are going to “suddenly” rediscover how much they hate government spending. Again.

I’m sure Paletta and Werner will be there to cheer them on for having “fiscal principles” in the face of all that reckless liberal spending because clearly they’ll have already forgotten every lie the GOP’s been telling for the last 40+ years.

Won’t that be convenient?