In Wake Of Nunes Memo, James Comey Calls Trump and GOP “Weasels And Liars”

In an extraordinary statement on Twitter, former FBI director James Comey ripped into Trump and the Republican Party’s attempts to smear the agency with the ludicrous ‘Nunes Memo’: 

To refer to the President of the United States and the major political party in power as “weasels and liars” is shocking to say the least — particularly coming from a life long Republican who attempted to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign at the last minute. 

Comey has been sending increasingly alarming and non-cryptic messages to the public about the dangers of the Trump administration and their war on the FBI, and the Nunes Memo appears to have accelerated his concern. Make no mistake about it, Devin Nunes’s attempt to subvert the Mueller investigation with an idiotically obvious scam memo detailing supposed bias in the FBI against Trump is a shocking turn of events for American democracy. The fraudulent political theater designed to distract the public is blowing up in Trump’s face, but this does not mean that it won’t have its desired effect. And if it does, the damage to the standing of the presidential office would be immeasurable. 

This is a dark time for America, and the GOP appears to be in the process of dismantling the system of checks and balances that exist to stop presidential abuse of power. The Republican Party is not only complicit in shielding Donald Trump politically, they are now attempting to cover up potential crimes against his country by going to war with the nation’s intelligence services. There must of course be political and legal oversight of the CIA and FBI, but they are not tools to be used for political purposes. They exist as largely independent federal organizations in order to uphold the law and keep the country safe from external and internal threats. There is absolutely no indication whatsoever that the Mueller investigation is remotely political despite Trump, the GOP and Fox News’s war on him and his team, and should it fall to political pressure, Trump is completely off the hook for potential crimes of collusion and treason. 

The stakes could not be higher than they are in America right now, and anyone concerned with the future integrity of the nation’s intelligence agencies and the legitimacy of the presidential office should be deeply, deeply concerned.