MEMBERS ONLY: I Want Trump Voters to Suffer (But With Great Healthcare Coverage)

by Justin Rosario

I’m done. Done. D. U. N. Done. I’m over Trump voters. Completely and totally over them. At one point, I wanted them to hit rock bottom and realize just how awful they were so they could try to find their way back to a life of even minimum morality and humanity. Now? Fuck it. I give up. I want them to suffer. A lot

I want them blinded with rage from the time they wake up in the morning until the time they go to sleep at night.

I want them to live in cloud of anger to a ripe old age because they receive excellent and affordable healthcare.

I want them to be miserable while having the same kind of increased life expectancy found in European nations because we started rewarding doctors for results instead of prescriptions for unnecessary drugs and procedures.

I want them to hate every second of the lives they live with a lower risk of cancer and heart attacks and strokes because we forced food companies to stop selling them poison.

I want them to rail at the world from the comfort of their own home because we’ve eliminated medical bankruptcies.

I want Trump voters to turn on their TVs and see a world that ignores their paranoia by not being afraid of Muslims.

I want them to rage at how we “surrendered” by getting our troops the hell out of the Middle East and stopped creating more terrorists by killing civilians.

I want them to scream at the news for not turning every terrorist attack into a reason to fear and hate all Muslims because we know better than to blame an entire religion for the actions of its extremists.

I want them to pound on the walls because turning the other cheek and embracing Muslim Americans did more to eliminate self-radicalization than all the anti-Muslim protests in the world ever could.

I want Trump voters to spend decades married to the same person being eaten alive by the knowledge that their union hasn’t been affected one bit by homosexuals being wed. 

I want them to resent walking down the street and see men holding hands, knowing that society doesn’t care and they’ll be the ones stared at if they make a scene about it.

I want them to have grandchildren with openly gay or transgender friends because no one will punish them for being gay.

I want them to have openly gay or transgender grandchildren because the only people who deserve to be punished are Trump voters and the hate in their hearts.

I want Trump voters to angrily spend their retirement in a booming economy where the banks are under tight regulations.

I want their investments to be secure and profitable and to know that all their fears about “liberal overregulation” turned out to be pure bullshit as unemployment plummets and wages rise.

I want them to watch furiously as teens work unskilled jobs that pay enough to put themselves through college just like the Boomers did.

I want them to explode in anger as poverty fades away and families can live on one salary again if they want to.

I want them seething as family bonds strengthen with one parent staying at home or working part time.

I want Trump voters to seethe in disgust at women being free to have sex for recreation because they have access to any kind of birth control they need.

I want them to sulk as the abortion rate falls to historic lows as unwanted pregnancies become less frequent and women are not forced to choose between motherhood and economic survival.

I want them to stamp their feet at the injustice of women having the support to raise children and still have a fulfilling career as a single mother.

I want them to hate Washington even more as the swamp is actually drained and our government starts to work for the all the people, not just white Christian conservative men.

I want them to bitterly denounce the taxes on the rich that will still leave them immensely wealthy but will boost the economy for generations to come.

I want them to rage against their own taxes even as they fail to notice the roads are getting fixed sooner, the water is cleaner, and the trash getting picked up more often.

I want them to seethe in resentment as the national deficit is eliminated again and the debt is finally paid down.

I want Trump voters to have a moment of joy when they realize that their vote counts more than ever now that corporate money has been removed from politics.

And then I want them to be crushed by the realization that their vote is worthless now that gerrymandering and voter suppression are gone and their vote for greed, fear, and hate, is vastly outnumbered by the vote for hope and change.

I want Trump voters to get the unrigged game they always say they want and then foam at the mouth in absolute fury when they get it.

I want to Trump voters to slink through their safe neighborhoods as crime continues to dwindle with economic prosperity.

I want them to stare in confusion as the police treat minorities as part of their community instead of potential criminals.

I want them to spend their days in fear as the education and wealth gap between whites and minorities shrinks.

I want them to live in panic of the day Those People will “take over” the country and enslave whites.

I want them to go to their grave in mortalterror of a day that will never come.

What I want, more than anything else, is for Trump voters to be forced to live in a world they despise because it’s better than the small and petty world they dreamed of. I want them to look out of the window every day and see the living proof that they are the very worst that humanity had to offer and they still couldn’t stop us from taking the high road.

Worse, I want them to live in a world that rejected their zero sum “I only succeed if I make you fail first” philosophy and still took them along for the ride. I want them to live in a world where their petty dreams of revenge were smashed, their power to harm others taken away and the only punishment they received was to be given a better life.

Just thinking about how miserable they would be makes that future all the more sweeter to dream about.

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