This Might Be Donald Trump’s Most Batsh*t Crazy Tweet So Far

Donald Trump tweets a lot. Some of it makes sense, much of it doesn’t. Today’s nugget of wisdom from the Commander in Chief however, may well be the weirdest, craziest tweet of his long and storied career as a deranged halfwit playing at being president:

Some observations:

1. It clearly wasn’t a miracle given it took the police an hour and 12 minutes to locate and finally get into Stephen Paddock’s room in the Mandalay Bay hotel from the time he started shooting. By any measure, that’s quite a long time — at least enough for Paddock to wound 527 people and kill 59. 

2. When the police did enter his room, Paddock had stopped shooting concert goers and had already killed himself. This isn’t to criticize the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police in any way, but it simply is factually ridiculous to say that the LVMP stopped him from killing more people. They didn’t. 

3. Why the fuck is “miracle” in quotation marks? Is it because miracles don’t exist? Or is it because he doesn’t want to use the word “miracle” in association with a tragedy? If so, why use the word in the first place? Why not “good thing”, or “fortune”? 

4. Is Trump aware of what actually happened? Was he not paying attention during his briefing? To say something as downright weird as this indicates he either wasn’t paying attention or wasn’t listening and figured he should tweet something out to seem leader like. 

If anyone can shed a light on what they think was going through Trump’s mind (if anything), please leave a comment below. 

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