MEMBERS ONLY: This is Why We Cannot Talk to Trump True Believers

by Justin Rosario

Just a decade or two from now, white conservatives will have been rounded up and put into concentration camps. Their children will be forcibly indoctrinated to hate Jesus and to believe in Socialism and abortion. White conservative women will be used as sex slaves for the victorious Obama coalition of blacks, Latinos and homosexuals. Muslims will enforce Sharia law and roaming bands of black gangbangers will execute anyone who resists.

Fast forward a few more decades and the white race will be all but extinct, bred out of existence by order of the controlling Jewish cabal founded by the Rothchilds, Saul Alinsky and George Soros. Christianity will be outlawed and humanity enslaved to liberal Big Brother and the Clintons. 

This reads like something you should giggle at and under normal circumstances you’d be right. It’s absolute gibberish, the ravings of a lunatic. No one in their right mind could seriously believe such drivel.

But this, or some variation of it, is exactly what Trump’s voters believe is going to happen if they don’t rise up and “Make America Great Again.” Now that Donald Trump has made white nationalism “respectable”, the American right wing has dropped a lot of the pretense that they’re not rabidly racist. Hate crimes have spiked as has the number of hate groups.

But this conservative march towards white nationalism didn’t start with Trump, or even Nixon’s Southern Strategy. It can trace its roots back to the Civil War when white nationalism lost but was never abandoned. It waxed and waned over the decades until it was kicked into high gear by Fox News and AM Hate Radio. Then it was supercharged by right wing websites like Stormfront and Breitbart that put the welcome mat out for organized hate to grow and spread. 

These days, conservatives are being told 24/7 that “white genocide” is coming. And enough of them believe it to varying extents to be a danger to the nation. This belief shows in the rancor of our political discourse and it’s only going to get worse because you cannot reach someone who really, truly, believes that the white race is under assault by Those People. You cannot reach someone who really, truly, believes that America is headed for a race war. You cannot reach someone who really, truly, believes that the White Man is going to win that war and banish all of the subhumans from the country, if not the face of the Earth.

Sounds alarmist, right? I’m just demonizing the right to whip up loyalty to the left, yes? Let me tell you about two books that are very very popular among white nationalists. No, I’m not talking about Mein Kampf, although that’s pretty popular, too (shocking, I know). I’m talking about The Turner Diaries and The Camp of the Saintstwo stories about the same thing but with different endings. In one, the white race wins and in the other, they lose. Frankly, I’m not even sure which is the more jaw-droppingly racist peek inside of the mind of the modern American conservative so I’ll let you decide for yourself:

The plot of The Camp of the Saints follows a poor Indian demagogue, named “the turd-eater” because he literally eats shit, and the deformed, apparently psychic child who sits on his shoulders. Together, they lead an “armada” of 800,000 impoverished Indians sailing to France. Dithering European politicians, bureaucrats and religious leaders, including a liberal pope from Latin America, debate whether to let the ships land and accept the Indians or to do the right thing — in the book’s vision — by recognizing the threat the migrants pose and killing them all.

The non-white people of Earth, meanwhile, wait silently for the Indians to reach shore. The landing will be the signal for them to rise up everywhere and overthrow white Western society.

The 800,000 refugees make it and the uprising begins, ending with the destruction of white Western Christian civilization. Out bred by minorities who are all sexual deviants for some reason, whites are driven to extinction.

The Turner Diaries go a different path. Patriotic American whites led by Earl Turner rise up and declare war on all the subhumans like Jews, homosexuals and, of course, people with dark skin. 

The novel ends with an epilogue from the year 2099, summarizing how the Organization went on to conquer the rest of the world and how all non-white races were eliminated. Africa was invaded and all of its black inhabitants were killed. The Puerto Ricans (described as a “repulsive mongrel race”) were exterminated and Puerto Rico was re-colonized by whites. When China begins an attempt to invade European Russia, the Organization launches a full-scale assault with nuclear, chemical, radiological and biological weapons which render the entire continent of Asia uninhabitable and rife with “mutants“. And in America, the last remaining non-white elements are hunted down, along with all the individuals involved in organized crime (such as the Mafia). One of the last steps in the Organization’s victory is the truce with the remainder of the American military generals, who agree to surrender if the Organization swears not to harm them or their immediate families, an agreement which the Organization gladly accepts. Thus the epilogue concludes that “just 110 years after the birth of the ‘Great One‘, the dream of a white world finally became a certainty… and that the Order would spread its wise and benevolent rule over the earth for all time to come.”  

Timothy McVeigh had several pages of The Turner Diaries with him when he was captured and it’s practically the bible of the white nationalist movement. Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief Strategist and architect of the Muslim ban, regularly refers to The Camp of the Saints when discussing immigration:

“It’s been almost a Camp of the Saints-type invasion into Central and then Western and Northern Europe,” he said in October 2015.

“The whole thing in Europe is all about immigration,” he said in January 2016. “It’s a global issue today — this kind of global Camp of the Saints.”

“It’s not a migration,” he said later that January. “It’s really an invasion. I call it the Camp of the Saints.”

“When we first started talking about this a year ago,” he said in April 2016, “we called it the Camp of the Saints. … I mean, this is Camp of the Saints, isn’t it?”

That’s coming from a man who exerts enormous influence on the mindless id who is the current president of the United States and I’d be willing to bet money Bannon is a fan of The Turner Diaries as well. In his mind, that would be the one with the happy ending. If Bannon’s references to Saints doesn’t make your skin crawl, you’re not paying attention to what he’s saying, why he’s saying it and who he’s saying it to.

But surely, you say, this kind of thinking is only popular among the fringe! The loathsome ideas inside those books couldn’t possibly be held by millions of Americans! That’s just crazy talk!

And that’s the problem right there. Far too much of the left and all of the media refuse to recognize what is happening to the right. When the Tea Party coalesced out of thin air with their promises of Second Amendment remedies and unbridled hate for the black president, we scoffed and said they would never last. Then they took over the Republican Party. When Trump came down that escalator and told the world that Mexicans were monsters invading America, we scoffed again and said he would never last. Then he crushed his rivals and became the nominee. When Trump’s supporters and surrogates started openly talking about putting Muslims into concentration camps and starting a race war, we scoffed some more, confident they were just a minor aberration. Then 63 million of our fellow Americans voted for a man overwhelmingly on the basis that he promised to punish minorities and return all the power in America back to white people.

Trump supporters are not normal voters motivated by normal political calculations. They are artificially insane people consumed with fear that they’re going to be hunted down and killed/raped/enslaved by hordes of minorities. Spencer Sunshine of Truth-Out explains why we are failing to grasp this.

More progressives — particularly those who are not part of targeted groups — should spend some time on radical-right websites, like the Oath Keepers, Infowars, and Daily Stormer, to get a sense of how heated the rhetoric is about the impending “genocide” of white people, the trope that Muslims are secret terrorists, and how communists are about to overthrow the US government.

In other words: Sunshine is saying we’re not listening to how they talk among themselves. As someone who’s spent more time wading through the filth of these sites than I care to think about, I can personally tell you he’s right. Too many on the left focus on the propaganda of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh while ignoring the foundation that twisted worldview is built on. You cannot convince Republican voters that non-white immigrants are an immediate threat unless they already believe non-whites are inherently dangerous. You cannot convince Republican voters that blacks and Latinos and Muslims want to rape their women unless they already believe them to be the sexual deviants described in The Camp of the Saints. You cannot convince Republican voters that concentration camps are the “final solution” unless they already believe that the people they’re rounding up aren’t really people at all. 

But look how easy it was for Trump to rally millions of “normal” people to his banner of pure racism. Like a seed waiting for rain, Republican voters just needed the slightest of pushes to unleash what they’ve been holding inside for years. “He says what we’ve all been thinking” is a common refrain among Trump supporters. Tired of dog whistle racism, the right has been craving the real thing and Trump gave it to them. This is not a movement that lost it’s way, this is a movement that’s finally showing its true face.

Understanding this, we should be thankful that Trump happens to be a moron incapable of harnessing the rage he’s unleashed. With some genuine ambition and even moderately intelligent direction, it would be simplicity itself to turn Trump’s rabid supporters into a militarized goon squad. Fortunately, Trump is lazy, not terribly bright and almost certainly suffering from some level of mental degradation.

On the other hand, we should be absolutely terrified that the next charismatic demagogue to step into the void that will be left by Trump will possess the intelligence, ruthlessness and adult-sized hands of the next Hitler. We’ve already seen that Republicans will turn a blind eye to everything a Republican president does as long as they can pursue massive tax cuts for the rich and repeal every government regulation possible. We’ve also already seen how eager Trump’s voters are to follow a dictator with the right skin color and politics. They’re fierce devotees of the Constitution as long as they can use it to restrain the left but they’re the first ones to set it on fire to get their way. As long as their chosen Fuher rains pain and ruin down on Those People, they will obey without question.

This is why we have to stop talking about connecting to Trump voters and understanding their anger. What will that do? They’re quite open about the problem: Brown people and their demands for equality. There is no compromise to be had because the only outcome Trump voters will accept is apartheid or worse. Sharing power is not possible when one side feels entitled to all of it by dint of the color of their skin. That’s why they feel persecuted all the time. They’re like spoiled children being told that they have to share and everything they do is part of the resulting temper tantrum. 

In that very clear and easy to grasp context (for those willing to let the scales fall from their eyes), the only way to keep Trump’s army of deplorables from burning the country to the ground is to crush them at the polls and then be ready to come down on them like a sledgehammer when they lash out with their stockpiled weapons. Remember, this is a group of people who literally, not figuratively, literally, think they’re fighting for their, again, literal survival. Yes, the reality is that their great-grandchildren will grow up in a world with guaranteed healthcare, a strong social safety net and a living wage but that’s not what Trump voters “feel” and “believe”. And the more they’re proven wrong, the stronger they’ll feel and believe in nonsense like “white genocide.” Once you understand this about the right, it’s difficult to see them as anything other than millions of ticking time bombs waiting to go off with no way to safely defuse them. Our only option is a controlled detonation to limit the damage they’ll do when they inevitably lose control.