Bill Maher Forces Jimmy Fallon to Stop Laughing About Trump: “This is a Different Beast”

In an attempt to make up for his pathetic fawning over Donald Trump earlier this year and the brutal criticism he received, Jimmy Fallon has been trying to distance himself from the Republican nominee. Last night, he hosted Bill Maher — one of Trump’s fiercest critics — on his show last night to discuss the election. 

True to form, Fallon tried to inject his saccharine, G-rated humor into the interview every time Maher brought up a serious point, but the HBO comedian was having none of it and ripped into Trump mercilessly telling Fallon directly at one point that “It’s not funny.”

When Fallon asked Maher to address voters who are still “undecided,” Maher tore into those still on the fence. “First of all, really?” said Maher. “I mean, he’s a racist, a liar, a tax cheat, a deadbeat, a Russian agent, and a sexual predator. ‘How do you find your way out of the door in the morning?’ is what I would say to the undecideds.”

“But no, what I would say to the undecideds is what I’m trying to say here,” he went on. 

“This is a different beast than we’ve ever encountered before.”

America has an opportunity to silence this beast today, and according to every major poll out there, it looks increasingly likely. And if they do, Maher deserves a lot of credit for relentlessly trashing Trump, but keeping the media honest too.