The Best Fox News Tweet of the 2016 Election

Fox News’s amazing dedication to the distortion of objective reality is something historians will study for hundreds, if not thousands of years to come. That a multi million dollar, major news organization broadcasts verifiable nonsense to hundreds of millions of people every day is a testament to their awesome dedication to the dark arts. 

Keeping this charade up requires constantly shifting the boundaries of what is deemed normal and acceptable. From its relentless smearing of minorities and the poor to the explicit support of a violent racist and misogynist for President, Fox continues to push the envelope on craziness — now beyond the point of no return. 

If you wanted the perfect example of just how insane — and irrelevant — Fox News has become, witness this tweet posted last night on their Twitter page:

That Fox News deems David Clarke — a batshit crazy sheriff from Milwaukee who has labelled the Black Lives Matter movement “Black Lies Matter”, and believes Planned Parenthood is “planned genocide” — an important voice in this election is almost as comical as Donald Trump’s convention lineup back in July. 

Clarke, one of the two African Americans in the nation willing to embarrass themselves on national television by proclaiming their support for Donald Trump, was speaking to the Republican nominee’s propagandist in chief Sean Hannity — a man so desperate for Trump to win that he is now publicly supporting radical leftist organization Wikileaks.  In Hannity’s sad little mind, bringing on a black guy to bash Hillary Clinton doesn’t make him look hopelessly pathetic — it helps his cause. The brilliant minds in charge of Fox News’s social media obviously concurred, and captured Clarke at the peak of his awesome craziness, both visually and verbally. The sight of a deranged black sheriff in a cowboy’s hat proclaiming that Trump is “going to be the 45th president of the United States” despite the overwhelming evidence that he isn’t, encapsulates just how complete irrelevant Fox News has become.