Bill Maher Does The News Media’s Job, Asks Obama Genuinely Interesting Questions

One of the most irritating aspects of the corporate news media in America is the almost total banalization of anything remotely interesting. A war with Syria? Let’s roll out the fancy map graphics and throw softball questions at the military generals. Why is there a madman running for President in 2016? Let’s look at the polls! Got an interview with President Obama? Let’s ask him “what has surprised you the most” about being president! 

Thankfully, Bill Maher managed to bag an interview with President Obama two months before he is set to leave office, and actually used his time to ask him some genuinely interesting questions. From America’s continued military empire to the rights of atheists and his failure to legalize marijuana, Maher didn’t waste his time fawning over the president and provided a template for the rest of the news media on how to, you know, do their jobs properly…

Anyway, this is great weekend viewing: