New App Helps You Safely Vote Third Party and Still Kick Donald Trump’s Ass


Despite the insistence of left leaning 3rd party voters that they have no obligation to anyone or anything but their conscience, the reality is that if they live in a swing state like Florida or Ohio, a vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson helps only one person: Donald Trump.

But Amit Kumar, a programmer in California has come up with a nifty solution for people who want to keep Trump out of the White House at all costs but still want to vote 3rd party: The #NeverTrump app/website.

The premise is super simple. Say you live in Florida or Pennsylvania, both states that Trump needs to win to take the White House, and you want to vote for Jill Stein because you don’t like Hillary. You know Trump is a dangerous lunatic that will start World War III but your conscience still demands Stein. With #NeverTrump, you can find someone in a safe blue state to swap your vote with.

Someone in deep blue states like New York or California will vote for Stein while you vote for Hillary. You still get your 3rd party vote but without helping Trump in the slightest. A protest vote is still a protest vote, no matter who casts it.

#NeverTrump is the perfect compromise between voting your conscience and voting in the best interests of the marginalized groups most threatened by a Trump presidency. It’s also a great way for Hillary voters in already safe states to do more to crush Donald Trump. It’s a win-win for everyone. Except Trump. And that’s the point.