MEMBERS ONLY: Election Day Won’t Be the End: If Trump Loses, His Superfans Will Totally Lose Their Minds

by Bob Cesca

During a Mike Pence rally the other day, one of Donald Trump’s devoted, mentally ill and childishly impressionable superfans declared that if her candidate doesn’t win the election, she’s going to participate in “a revolution.” Pence quickly corrected her, suggesting that the election on November 8 is the only revolution that’s necessary.

One thing we’ve all learned throughout the last 17 months is that Trump’s supporters are quite possibly more psychotic and self-destructive than he is. It’s difficult to merely write them off as being politically misled, uneducated and morally ignorant. To believe that Trump, a screeching tabloid celebrity who’s desperately building a semi-transparent wall of fiction around his deep inadequacies and his bottomless ocean of bullshit, has the ability to successfully perform the duties of the presidency is to believe that the Sasquatch is real and that you can dissipate chemtrails using a veggie spritzer filled with vinegar (that’s a thing, by the way).

Frighteningly, Trump’s base of unwavering support composes about 35 to 40 percent of American voters. That’s a truly horrifying piece of data. In other words, at least 35 percent of your fellow voters are deeply and profoundly damaged people who, in all seriousness, reside somewhere on the DSM-5 spectrum. 

These people, who honestly believe that a walking, talking crazy-bomb like Trump would “make America great again,” mostly look like normal people. Some are typical white upper-middle-class grandparents. Others are the 20-something white men we see at professional football games or pumping iron at the gym. They look like white America. But inside, they’re out of their gourds, believing that Trump is presidential, honest and genuinely interested in helping them. He’s not. Worse, these twisted bastards are at-large. They’re passing you in traffic in their American-made cars (we hope, based on their isolationist anti-trade politics) — controlling 2,000 pound bullets on the highways of the United States.

We already know and accept that there’s no reasoning with the Trump loyalists. After all, following the second debate and following the circulation of an electoral map hypothesizing the margin of victory if only men were able to vote, they began circulating the hashtag: #repealthe19th — a campaign to disenfranchise all women voters, including, presumably, women Trump supporters. Further, they’re actually encouraging and enabling every bad, politically-stupid decision by their candidate, effectively aiding and abetting his freefall decline in the polls, leading to an inevitably soul-crushing loss on Election Day. Naturally, they don’t see it that way because they’ve been brainwashed into believing that Trump is delivering “so much winning.” As of this writing, however, Trump has dropped to as much as 14 points behind Hillary Clinton — an historically significant margin, given that Ronald Reagan won reelection in 1984 by the same landslide margin, translating to victory in 49 out of 50 states. Hillary probably won’t win 49 states, but she’ll easily win the necessary blue states, and perhaps Arizona and Georgia. Unless there’s a major gaffe or scandal, Hillary’s got this.

And it’s becoming increasingly clear that if Trump loses, his people will go completely apoplectic.  

Concurrently, Trump has repeatedly handed down marching orders to ignore the polls. After all, the system is rigged against him, he says. Everything that’s anti-Trump is rigged. Especially the forthcoming results of the election. Trump’s spent many months telling his people that if they lose, it won’t be because he failed to win enough support, it’ll be because “Crooked Hillary” stole the election. The truth is, Trump is rigging his own campaign by defiantly ignoring every winning political strategy — ever. Trump’s decline is entirely his own fault, as well as the fault of his people.

Now that it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Hillary will win the election and become the 45th President of the United States, I can’t help but to game-out the events that could occur following 11 p.m. eastern time on November 8 when the networks call California for Hillary. 

Briefly put: there could very well be mayhem of biblical proportions.

Trump’s people believe they’re winners. They believe the nation is being stolen from them by brown people and leftists. They believe the last best hope to reverse this tide is, of all people, Donald Trump. They believe everything he says, including the thing about how the election will be rigged for Hillary, and they’re prepared to take it by force, if necessary. Trump has already threatened “Second Amendment” remedies in the event of a Hillary victory. Whether it comes to fruition remains to be seen.

Among the worst cases, Trump won’t concede. He’ll sue. He’ll challenge the vote in any state in which he’s within three or five points. He’ll endeavor to manufacture a Bush v Gore scenario, even if exactly zero legal experts go along. The goal will be to spark an ongoing political circus to delegitimize Hillary’s victory, prompting — and this is the important part — his people to take to the streets outside various boards of elections and other state and local offices to demand recounts and retribution. They haven’t honored any political traditions so far, why should they start on Election Day?

Additionally, you can expect unhinged rage throughout social media, with one conspiracy theory after another popping up to explain how Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and Sid Blumenthal and George Soros and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and William Ayers and Saul Alinsky (even though he died in 1972 — or did he?) conspired to rig the election.

At the very least, heads will explode. The lashing out, the violence, the chants of “lock her up,” the racism, the misogyny, the latest memes accusing Bill Clinton of rape, and all the rest of it will be amplified by Trump’s crushing defeat, forcing nervous breakdowns, heart attacks, suicides, spousal abuse and worse.

They will not go quietly. They will not concede. And there will be pay-backs.

Am I being alarmist? I don’t know, but I hope I’m wrong. However, I’ve been observing the behavior of these Trump people — up close — for many, many months and, given the shocking, unprecedented and unpredictable nature of Trump’s campaign, backed by the inchoate, cult-like mania of his people, anything is possible. And as much as I’d like for this election to be over when the networks call it, I fear it won’t be. Even if Hillary dominates the vote.