Lawrence O’Donnell Brilliantly Slams Pundits Giving Trump Credit For Debate Performance

Lawrence O’Donnell has been a Godsend to this horrific presidential campaign. He has been a consistent and powerful voice helping hold his industry accountable during the nation’s hour of need. 

O’Donnell has repeatedly taken the media to task for failing to do its job when reporting on Donald Trump, most notably over the Republican candidate’s tax returns. And after the debate last night, O’Donnell took to Twitter to again roast political pundits for their complicity in making Trump’s candidacy acceptable. 

In the aftermath of what by any rational standard was a total disaster for Donald Trump, political pundits took to the airwaves to basically declare him the winner because he didn’t screw it up

Tweeted O’Donnell in response to this perversion of objective reality: 

If there is a better way of illustrating just how incomprehensibly stupid political punditry is in the mainstream media today, I’ve yet to see it. 

Anyone with functioning ears and an appreciation for the tiniest bit of intellectual honesty saw Hillary Clinton ruin Trump over and over again as he bumbled and bullshitted his way through the debate. Yet the bar was set so low for Trump that all he had to do was show up and not grope someone to be declared the winner.  

If that had been the first debate (pre “pussy grab” tape release), the media would have rightly declared it a complete disaster for Trump, who could barely string a coherent sentence together, let alone articulate nuanced policy positions. Trump didn’t just not answer questions, he lied and bullshitted on every topic the audience put to him. It was an absolute embarrassment and an affront to civilized society. And any pundit who says otherwise should be utterly ashamed of themselves.