MEMBERS ONLY: How Sean Hannity Unintentionally Revealed Fox News’s Business Model

Donald Trump’s best friend in the world Sean Hannity is annoyed that overpaid liberal journalists who “have their chauffeured limousines” don’t understand the problems facing real Americans. 

by Ben Cohen

Complaining about the media’s supposed bias towards Hillary Clinton after the debate, Hannity took to his show to make the astonishing claim that journalists are too busy chowing down on expensive steaks and drinking fine wine to understand how the government is screwing Americans. He said: 

“Now, my overpaid friends in the media, well, they have their chauffeured limousines, they like their fine steakhouses and expensive wine lifestyles, none of them are feeling this, the people you are watching on TV, and therein lies the contempt. Now how can we afford all that Hillary Clinton proposed last night if we are $20 trillion in debt, and $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities.”

This coming from a man who earns almost $30 million a year, has a net worth of well over $80 million, and owns a private jet

Not only that, Sean clearly isn’t very good at math either given Clinton’s spending plans actually add up, unlike his friend’s proposals that promise to double Clinton’s spending while slashing taxes for everyone. Of course no serious economist believes Trump’s plan can work as it is based on figures pulled directly out of his ass

Trump might be good at flipping real estate and leveraging debt in the private sector, but his understanding of how governments balance their books and spend on infrastructure responsibly is painfully, painfully shallow. 

Hannity’s unintentionally hilarious dig at other members in the media is emblematic of the Fox News journalistic model, and a highly revealing insight into how its presenters are taught to interpret and report on the news. 

For decades, Fox News has pretended to advocate on behalf of working Americans while pushing an economic system that robs them blind. Fox is owned by a radical free market billionaire who has used his media empire in part to help fight pesky government interference in the free market. Rupert Murdoch is in the business of furthering his own business interests, and that means less regulation for him and less competition from other media companies. In a highly deregulated industry, bigger conglomerates always rise to the top and monopolize the market while destroying the competition. Deregulated markets then favor the rich, who will always fight to preserve the system that benefits them. It is inevitable that Rupert Murdoch owned companies will advocate for free markets then, as it has benefited him immensely. 

Predictably, Fox News is filled from top to bottom by journalists who believe in this demonstrably corrupt and self serving ideology, and present the news accordingly. Sean Hannity is perhaps the best example of this completely contradictory philosophy in action — a hugely wealthy white male forcefully propagandizing on behalf of one of the most destructive economic systems in human history while pretending to sympathize with working men and women. Hannity has profited hugely from this system, yet seems to be completely unaware that his own fortune has come at the expense of millions of working Americans who toil away for a fraction of his salary educating his children, building the roads he drives to work on, and ensuring he has clean water to drink. 

The fact that anyone can google Hannity’s net worth in a matter of seconds makes it all the more ridiculous that he has the temerity to go on live television and make a statement like the one above — but then we are talking about a serial liar who misrepresents the facts on a daily basis and is literally staking his career on a Trump victory this November. 

The pernicious effect of this relentless propaganda cannot every be underestimated. Fox News and Sean Hannity have created an entire demographic of Americans who genuinely believe that free market economics works for everyone, that global warming doesn’t exist, and minorities and poor people are responsible for all the nation’s problems. After the devastation of the economic crash in 2008, Sean Hannity and his colleagues at Fox went to work finding out how they could blame everyone but the banks for the collapse of the economy, creating a truly ridiculous narrative that the working poor and big government was responsible. With straight faces, they claimed that too much regulation caused the mortgage industry to implode, and the only way to fix it was to let the rich get back to doing what they do best. Cleverly, Fox News figured out that poor white Americans didn’t want to think to much about their predicament (no doubt because they were busy trying to feed and house themselves), and spent hours shifting the focus onto those with darker skin and no way of defending themselves. 

The journalists at Fox News probably genuinely believe they are speaking truth to power, although it is hard to see how a man who flies his friends around on his private jet for political purposes and makes more than 99.9% of Americans seriously believes he knows what working people are going through. 

Perhaps Sean Hannity really does think that he understands what the poor have to contend with in America — and if he does, he’s far, far dumber than he already appears to be.