Amy Goodman exposes Lou Dobbs

By Ben Cohen

Amy Goodman, the host of ‘Democracy Now!’ is an excellent journalist. CNN’s anti immigrant fear mongerer Lou Dobbs, is not. What’s the difference? Goodman uses facts to make her argument, while Dobbs uses argument to create facts.

Dobbs is not entirely without merit, and has some interesting things to say about the state of the U.S economy. Dobbs is extremely critical of corporate America, and correctly states that the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is negligible (something most main stream critics will not admit).

However, Dobbs completely falls apart on the issue of immigration. The relentless focus on this topic betrays the strange belief that whites are not immigrants to the U.S, and have some inherent right to determine who comes in and out of the country. Dobbs views on the issue border the racist, and he has consistently fudged facts to strengthen his argument.

Here is Amy Goodman dissecting Dobbs, and taking him to task for his appalling distortion of the truth:

By Amy Goodman


matters. History and context count. “You’re entitled to your own

opinions. You’re not entitled to your own facts,” the late Sen. Daniel

Patrick Moynihan famously observed. CNN’s Lou Dobbs has migrated to a

pre-eminent position in the debate on immigration in the U.S. Since he

identifies himself as a journalist, he has a special responsibility to

rely on facts and to correct misstatements of fact. CNN, which purports

to be a news organization, touting itself as the “Most Trusted Name in

News,” has an equally strong obligation to its audience to tell the


Dobbs was best known for anchoring CNN’s “Moneyline,” an early and

influential program that helped create the televised financial-news

genre. On “Moneyline,” Dobbs featured corporate CEOs and generally

lauded them. About five years ago, Dobbs began changing his line,

invoking populist rhetoric and championing the cause of the middle

class. He thematically titled his coverage “War on the Middle Class”

and “Broken Borders.” Dobbs’ signature issue of undocumented

immigrants, or, as he calls them, illegal aliens, has tremendous

influence on the debate nationally. So it matters if he is wrong.

On March 28, 2006, Dobbs said on his show, “And it’s costing us, no

one knows precisely how much, to incarcerate what is about a third of

our prison population who are illegal aliens.” As it turns out, the

number of noncitizens incarcerated in the U.S. federal and state

prisons is closer to 6 percent, not 33 percent. Note that the 6 percent

includes legal immigrants as well.

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