Arch Bishop of Canterbury slams U.S

From the BBC:

‘Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has

launched a stinging attack on US policy, comparing it unfavourably with

the British Empire.

In a magazine interview, he said the British Empire had

“rightly or wrongly” poured energy and resources into administering

lands it had taken over.


Archbishop of Canterbury Dr

But he told Muslim lifestyle glossy Emel the US had assumed all Iraq needed was a “quick burst of violent action”.

US officials said billions of dollars had been spent helping Iraqi people.

Moral high ground

Dr Williams said the US, as the only “global hegemonic

power”, was trying to accumulate influence and control, rather than

territory. But he said: “That is not working,” describing the result as

“the worst of all worlds”.

He told the magazine the US had lost the moral high

ground since the 11 September attacks and needed to take steps

including “generous aid” to “the societies that have been ravaged”, a

“check on the economic exploitation of defeated territories” and a

“demilitarisation” of its presence in them in order to recover.’

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